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Vibrato Mini-Course Info:

The Vibrato Mini-Course is the best way to start getting those groovy waves in your tone.

This information will also help you relax your sound and improve your tone as well!

This "Vibrato" mini-course is available now

Learn how to put the right vibrato into your flute sound - appropriately and tastefully.

What:  Step-by-step video course with the process to creating proper flute vibrato. (the good kind!)

Who is this for?  Players who have been learning for a while already do best in this course. If you haven’t passed the first Minuet yet (Gold 17) then you should wait for awhile. 

An established tone is necessary to enjoy this mini-course… although it is not necessary to be a super advanced player to achieve a nice vibrato. Just follow my instructions – you can do it!

How to Sign Up:  This mini-course is available right now to you by clicking below. Let’s get going!

Registration Requirements:  This is an add-on mini-course (not included with your subscription).  Once purchased, this will stay with your membership forever. 

When:  This mini-course is available to you right now by clicking below. Complete and/or review any time.

Note:  Once purchased, you can revisit as many time as you like forever as you continue learning and enjoying your instrument.

“This course truly changed the sound and path of my flute playing!”
- Melissa
“I walked out of the class feeling like a flute player. A HUGE shot of well earned confidence. I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to take the next step.. it will change everything you thought you knew..”
- Jimmy Shea
“Thank you for all your coaching and encouragement during the Vibrato Intensive course, and for all the extra one-on-one instruction. It was challenging and a lot of fun at the same time. It's given me much to think about when I pick up my flute..”
- Nathan Clarke
"The Vibrato Intensive improved my resonance and tone, bringing my music to life in a beautiful way.”
- Mary Santangelo