Need to ask me a question related to your online flute lessons?

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    Important notes on contacting Rebecca:

    1. If you have a flute-lesson related question, please ask/comment in the comment box at the bottom of the module you are currently working on. Perfect! 🙂

    If you need to ask me a special burning question about flute lessons: Each week I’ll choose from these and answer them in the LIVE Q&A’s (in the Open Mic FB group) or video discussion in the Monthly Member’s Only Training. It’s a great way to be thorough for you AND allows the other members to benefit from the knowledge as well!


    2. Membership – Administration-type questions are taken care of daily by Jon (he loves to take care of you).


    3. All other questions are answered during my ‘office-hours’ during the week (depends on volume).




    Q. How to choose a flute / I need a flute / help me get a good flute?

    A. I have your back! Go to THIS page to find your answers: