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Read Flute Music (Crash-Course) Info:

The “Read Flute Music Crash-Course” is all about getting the jist of reading music- the “flute way” in a hurry.

There isn’t an easier way to see this information on the planet. Enjoy!

This "Read Flute Music Crash Course" is available now

Enjoy this bulls-eye look into how to read flute music easily.

What:  Video ‘how-to’ course which lays out systematically how we read flute music. The notes on the staff, how to remember them easily, rhythm reading, and practice worksheets. It’s all there for you!

Who is this for?  Players who are new or especially returning to flute will enjoy a detailed look at how to read flute music. This course (best done over 3 days) will put everything in a line for you. 

How to Sign Up:  This mini-course is available right now to you by clicking below. Let’s get going!

Registration Requirements:  This is an add-on mini-course (not included with your subscription).  Once purchased, this will stay with your membership forever. $22

When:  This mini-course is available to you right now by clicking below. Complete and/or review any time.

Note:  Once purchased, you can revisit as many time as you like forever.

“It had been 40 years since I tried to read music. This crash course got me right on track very quickly. Helpful!”
- Jan Shaw
“I used to think reading flute music would be complicated, but thanks to Rebecca for showing me the system.. It’s not tricky any more!”
- George C.