Hymns for Flute

Hymns for Flute Mini-Course Info:

This course will help smooth out your sound and bring the spirit into the room.

This "Hymns for Flute" mini-course will open next Easter.

Smooth and easy. The perfect flute skills for church.

What:  Step-by-step video course to help smooth out your sound. Playing with a fluid style on the Hymns that feels gentle and peaceful is what this mini-course is all about.

Who is this for?  Players who are striving to play ‘nicely’ will really enjoy this mini-course. An invitation into the even higher level “Hymn of the Month CLUB” is inside this course.

How to Sign Up:  Notifications will come to your email a few days before opening. Easy.

Registration Requirements:  This is an add-on mini-course (not included with your subscription).  Once purchased, this will stay with your membership forever. 

When:  This mini-course will open for enrollment next Easter

Note:  Once purchased, you can revisit as many time as you like forever as you continue learning and enjoying your instrument.

"NICE NICE NICE - These are absolutely beautiful!"
- Terri Mullis
"This hymn course is just amazing and what Ive been looking for!!! YES!!!”
- Jo Ann B.
"What a gift! This course has been such a blessing to me and my family. "
- Tim Voelz
“These Hymns are beautiful. I am enjoying this course immensely.”
- Tim Voelz