Hymn of the Month CLUB

Hymn of the Month CLUB Info:

This course will help smooth out your sound and bring the spirit into the room.

This "Hymn of the Month CLUB" mini-course will open for enrollment right around Easter.

Learn how to take a simple hymnal and make it into a full flute arrangement that The perfect skills for church and learning how to play on a higher level.

What:  A 16 month video course that examines closely how to appropriately embellish and arrange the Hymns. A new Hymn is delivered each month right to your mini course library.

Who is this for?  Players who have been learning for a while already do best in this course. “Hymns for Flute” mini-course is a pre-requirement. This course teaches you how to play on a higher level than a basic short Hymn. 

How to Sign Up:  Notifications will come to your email a few days before opening. Easy.

Registration Requirements:  This is an add-on course (not included with your subscription).  Once purchased, this will stay with your membership forever. 

When:  This mini-course will open for enrollment around Easter.

Note:  Once purchased, you can revisit as many time as you like forever. New Hymn tutorials released into your library, every single month, for 16 months.

"I’m very pleased with the results! In the past year, my tone, range, and articulation has improved dramatically. More important, I’m much more confident in my abilities. That’s key. Much like a lot of things, the hymns have become a tool. Every month, I learn something new.. something new to add to my bag of tricks."
- Jim Shea
"I really like all of the hymns and find the arrangements both moving and uplifting spiritually. It's very hard to find flute friendly arrangements in hymn books that are not too difficult to play so your selection has fulfilled a need there. It has made this genre of music not only more accessible to flute players but also to those who listen and worship with them."

- June Mackenzie