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Included Features of Gold Flute Lessons








◊√4 - 7 high quality instructional videos inside each module - 70+ modules available right now


◊√  Continued learning about your instrument.  (unique to learning with me!)


◊√  Tone work in almost every single module.  You'll be sounding great in no time!


◊√  Technique skills in every single module to increase your learning speed.


◊√  Note Reading skills are step-by-step as well, don't worry... you'll be a pro with my method!


◊√  New Skills are presented alone in their own videos BEFORE they are needed in tunes presented.  (One of my best features)


◊√  Play songs and tunes by reading notes.  I only present these in order of what we've learned so there's no frustration or confusion.


◊√  Learn to also play by ear!  Really?  YES!!!!  I'm a pro at teaching these concepts, and they aren't hard the way I present it. (you, however still have to do the practicing)


◊√  Motivational videos, performances, and articles to keep you moving right along and happy to do it.  🙂


◊√  PDF sheet music of the songs we are learning are included in these modules as well.  You can print them and take them to show your friends or grandma what you've learned!!

Get Gold Level Modules Now.


◊√  I provide fun mp3 accompaniment for most of the tunes we learn.  They're great to perform with!


◊√  Bonus videos are included after "sets" of skills have been completed. (If purchased during the offered time period)


◊√  Module/Lesson check-off sheets are printable so you can chart your progress.  It really helps to see what you have done, and feel proud.


◊√   Bonus "surprises"  created just for members of my online flute studio Gold Level Membership. 


◊√  The email series continues for those of you in the Gold Level Flute Lessons.  Yeah, more stuff!!


◊√  The Bonus pages with 9 different categories including:

(posts written by me - collection is really growing!)

  • Flute Care
  • Music History
  • Technique
  • Practice Tips
  • For Parents
  • Reading Music
  • Performance Hints
  • Miscellaneous Category
  • Links to inspiring Performances
  • And.... MORE!


Best of all, your success is Guaranteed!

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Gold Level Lessons include a large collection of instruction videos, pdf printable sheet music, mp3 audio accompaniments, and bonus lessons currently valued at over $1,260.00!

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I am totally confident that you will LOVE learning online from me.  My system has been used by literally hundreds of students with great success!  Check the testimonial page and see for yourself: click here to see testimonials.


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Check out these recent comments about the Gold Level Flute Lessons:  (4-30-13)

[box]I can’t BELIEVE how quickly I am learning to play my flute! The way you teach really helps me learn the notes vs other methods I have tried that seem to focus on only memorizing a hand position and then playing every song with that note. This is a lot of fun. Thanks Rebecca![/box]


[box] Just a brief note to once more express my sincere gratitude to you for this awesome flute course. You will not believe what agony I endured as a budding flautist before I started your lessons. I’m in possession of several good flute books but they left out vital information. What I enjoy is the fact that you seem to have thought about EVERYTHING – from A-Z ! ! ! God bless you. You are indeed, an answer to my prayer! May God continue to RICHLY reward you as you continue to develop and deploy your talent,so that people like me could be enriched.[/box]


[box]The birds will love this song now when i learn it! -a real Minuet![/box]


[box]Hi Rebecca, I’m so very grateful for and appreciative of you. Today I’ve started the Gold lessons and I’m finding it difficult to put the flute down because your teaching methods are sooooo interesting! I believe God has blessed you with an awesome ability to teach. Please, don’t stop.[/box]


[box]I didn’t realize that we already learnt so many notes. You often said, you are proud of us, we are also proud to have you as our teacher! Really enjoy learning with you![/box]


[box]You do make learning fun. Great job![/box]
[box]Thanks SO MUCH for teaching. the octaves and the c scale helped a lot![/box]


[box]Hi Rebecca, I am so thrilled to have found you and joined “the community!” Your teaching method is fabulous and gives us just enough information without being overwhelming. I played the flute eons ago at a tender young age and have kicked myself for years for not continuing to play. It is now my aspiration to re-learn all that I have forgotten over time. I am eager to absorb all you can impart! Many thanks!![/box]


[box]Thank you Rebecca. Very good exercise you taught us in this module. I think my high notes are getting better with the long tone exercise![/box]


[box]loving the new note![/box]


[box]when i was just starting in this music i was 12 13 years old and i had no clew of what a note was and everything i learn in music is by listen i did not play anything that had to do with notes cause i was afraid and no one took the time to teach me and my friends know that i got this instrument that i love and your teaching i can’t wait to come home and learn something new am so glad i found you am a kid with a new toy sorry for the long notes lol lol[/box]


[box]hi mrs fuller waaaoooo this grate when i looked at this STACCATO i though if was going to be hard it’s not easy but it’s not as hard as i made it today is Monday 22 by Friday it’s mine lol am loving it[/box]


[box]Hi Hi, Rebecca! I’m still here, and thank heavens you are too! Oy vey is this a turning point. The E D slur is SUCH challenge for a smooth transition, but I am confident with time my fingers will cooperate. Thank you for advice above! Having the flute in my life is such an enhancement to my life, I cherish the time I have with. Your instruction further enriches this joy! Thank you a million times…[/box]
I do enjoy teaching you all these flute lessons!  -Rebecca

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