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I appreciate these flute lessons from Rebecca! I just found a flute in my local store, took it home the same night and was able to start playing tones and song within a day or two. I am fully excited to continue learning thanks to Rebecca's fun yet informative video tutorials. Musa, 25 USA
Thank you for providing your time and teaching!  I have learned a tremendous amount from your lessons. I entered band in the middle of my seventh grade year of school... I played for two years that way with a borrowed flute from the school. I since have not picked one up, until now. I have learned not only how to read music but have learned again where the keys/ notes are on the flute. I am so excited and can't wait to learn more. Thank you again!! Tabitha, 36 USA
Your lessons are the best! I never thought I would be able to read music. I'm surprised that it is actually fun. Look forward to more. Antonio , 54 USA
I am a new flute learner, and I'm so lucky to find your lesson. and just one week I took all the free lessons.  I like them so much, they are look like so easy and step by step, and I can understand so quickly.  Thank you so much. Student, CHINA
I have watched all five of your Silver Modules and I have got to say that they are just brilliant! I have had years of playing flute before coming across this and I still found myself learning new thing like how to properly manage my flute and good exercises to improve my skills. I love how you encourage students by telling them to take their time and repeat lessons if they have to. It was great and I am looking forward to even more Lessons! Brian, 13 USA

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